screen on first build

Windows Codename Patricia or called Microsoft Patricia in setup was the Codename for Windows Seamore...Development started less than 3 weeks after Bill Gates ended development on Codename Neptune...and 1 month before Codename Whistler came into development...Codename Patricia was supposed to be it's own revamp of Windows 98...but based off of the Windows NT kernel...mostly Windows 2000, build 1558 was milestoned on January 7, 1558 was a lot like build 2202 of Microsoft Codename Build 1567 the Activity Center from Neptune was added, build 1567 milestoned on January 11, 2000...a week later on January 18, 2000, build 1572 was milestoned...on November 28, 2000 the most notable build was released, build 1772...this was pretty much a copy of even was considered by the Watermark in the bottom right hand corner as is the watermark

Microsoft Codename Patricia "Windows Seamore" Pre-RTM 1

Build 1772

For beta testing purposes only...

Microsoft Patricia

A Picture of Build 1567

Build 1775 was milestoned a few days later on December 3, 2000...Windows Seamore was released to Businesses on December 17, 2000 and to consumers on December 20, 2000...just in time for the Holidays...