Setup glitch

Windows NT 3.11 was a major version of the Windows NT line up...Windows NT 3.11 was codenamed "Janus" just like Windows 3.0 and Windows 2000 64-Bit...development on 3.11 started the same day Windows For Workgroups 3.11 was released...about 4 months following the release of Windows NT 3.1...NT 3.11 was released allowing users to start Windows without typing win at the MS-DOS prompt...Windows NT 3.11 included IE1 Beta...and also added Ethernet support for those without dial-up...Windows NT 3.11 was the most famous NT version until Windows NT Workstation 4.0 was released 3 years later...Windows 2000 topped the cake...and when XP came was obvious the end was near for NT 3.11...Microsoft finally announced that NT 3.11 would be discontinued in Winter 2005...but no exact date...on July 3, 2005 Microsoft said the End of Support date for NT 3.11 was December 4, 2005...Windows NT 3.11 had many glitches...and viruses were very common...MS-DOS 6.22 would occasionally refuse to load Windows NT 3.11 after a Update was released in February 1994...a Fix was released in January 1997...