Windows Codename Patricia

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Windows 9X BSOD.0

Windows Seamore was a major build of Windows, the build's codename was Patricia...Windows Seamore development ended on December 10, 2000...and started on December 28, 1999...Seamore resembled a mix between Windows XP and Windows 98...but was based off of Windows 2000...some of the source code of Early Builds of Whistler, and Neptune made it into RTM builds of Seamore...Seamore was a huge success until Windows XP was released in 2002...Seamore resulted in Windows 2000 being brought off of the markets...Seamore released SP4 on February 3, 2002...Microsoft announced the end of support day for Windows Seamore at E3 2008, the date was July 14, 2011...Seamore officially stopped being updated on July 14, 2011...Seamore is now considered abandonware. Windows Seamore is not available through any processor newer than a Intel Core i5, Seamore was remade under a custom project in 2015...but was canceled almost immediately

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